I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!  Fall is just around the corner and may just be my favorite season.

Fall, also brings BasketWeavers Guild of Oklahoma Weavers Weekend.  This year, it is October 16, 17 and 18.  You still have time to register.  Go to www.okbasketweaverguild.com.

I'll be vending there so come over and visit and see what's going on.

Oklahoma Basket Supply is now on the main street in Wellston.  My new address is 318 W. Second Street.  The best way to locate me is to follow Hwy 66B into Wellston proper and look for the American Legion sign.  My shop window is right below that sign.

My shop hours are by appointment or by chance until I retire. (Which, hopefully, will be next year!)  Please call me if you are coming this way.  I would hate for you to drive here and find nobody home.



​Smoked Swirl

Simply a Sewing Basket

Beaded Pin Cushion

318 W. Second St.

PO Box 647

Wellston, OK 74881